and living situation is officially solved!
for summer I’m movin in with the girls on 7th and elm in the master bedroom. then depending how the summer goes i’ll choose by late July if i wanna stay there or move in with the boys on 12th and Texas for fall 🙌 no more housing stress


i thought it was finally time to come out to Wesley about my true feelings for him. since we were 18 we both just promised to only be BFWF (best friends with benefits) and nothing more. we knew each other for years and were practically brother and sister but when horny feels came over one of us, the other would help out.  
"Wesley, we need to talk." i said coming out of his chest where i had been laying for the past half hour. It was already 11 at night and i would probably be spending the night at his apartment anyway but i could not handle just being in the spare room when hes striped in his bed looking so cuddly like he always does. 
"Sup girly." he said moving forward. I just wanted to kiss him. He always looked like a God to me i can’t handle my physical being near him.
"I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing, and i love you to death." i said and a huge smile came over his face. "But i love you more then I promised i would. I’m sorry when i get a guy who is kind and genital towards me i can’t help but fall for him and you did that to me."
He it his lip. This was not a good sign, he just nodded and it felt so awkward.
"Well i’m going to be honest with you, I was not expecting that. You really are a beautiful girl and any guy would be lucky to have you as their girl but i never thought about you that way. you are really hot and its clear i have had my sexual attraction for you but never my heart. you my bestfriend and i guess i don’t know i never really had those much feeling."
My feeling just crashed no guy likes me. i’m a friend zone itself. But i get it. its not his fault. its mine at least i told him. i just hope this does not rewind the friendship we had.  
"I get it Wes. I just needed to get it off my chest." I said. 
"Sorry about the Y/N but i’m always up for a change, chance, challenge what ever you want to call it. so since i do care about you as a bestfriend and i know how it feels to be turned down how about we make a deal." Wes said and i looked in his eyes. "Let give it a week or two. we can act like a couple we can go on dates, hug, cuddle, kiss and if i feel something and you still feel something we can try out as a real couple." 
did he just give me a chance? He is willing to try a relationship with me? now i’m surprised.
"Deal" I said shaking his hand then he gave me a quick small kiss to seal the deal tighter

you guys. this used to be an ugly T-Shirt!